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Discover the power of hypnotherapy for yourself with Free Articles and Hypnotic Recordings provided by British hypnotherapist Paul Jerome

Whether you’re choosing to reduce anxiety, build confidence, overcome fears and phobias, lose weight, quit smoking, or change unwanted feelings, hypnotherapy can help you make a big difference.

Each of the articles below are aimed at helping you become more resourceful in the face of a difficult challenge.

Turn Problems into Solutions mp3

This recording will help you decide if hypnotherapy works for you.

If you find yourself getting relaxed when listening to the recording, then the chances are, hypnosis will work for you.

However results do vary between people, as do the number of sessions required to make desired changes.

This recording takes the listener on a simple journey through relaxation, before exploring a problem that is then transformed into an elegant solution. After exploring the solution for a while, the listener is taken through a method for discovering the steps needed to get there.

In total the recording lasts for 15 minutes 20 seconds.

How to get the Best from the recording:
To get the best from the recording, listen in a quiet place¬† where you won’t be disturbed.
When listening it can be helpful to begin by focusing on a simple problem that you’d like to change.
The more times that you listen to the recording, the more effective it will be.

However it’s important to realise that the recording is very general in nature, and for more effective hypnotherapy you should seek an appointment.

Use the play controls below to listen to the recording

Background Audio: Remix of Sean Wishbone –¬† ‘Wave Mantra’ combination of ‘Between the Heart Beats’ & ‘A Sacred Voice’


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If you’d like to discover what happens when you have the full attention of a professional hypnotherapist and the suggestions made are completely relevant to you and your specific situation then please give me a call and I will book you in for a hypnotherapy session tailored to you and your own specific requirements.

For Effective and Caring Hypnotherapy
Call Paul Now on Reading (0118) 901 8749

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Hypnotherapy with Paul Jerome in Reading Berkshire

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