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Client Hypnotherapy Testimonials*

“Personally I'd just like to say I would definitely recommend Paul.

I used to get really nervous having to stand up in front of people and say my name. It wasn't necessarily standing up in front of people, because I don't actually feel nervous about that, once I'm stood there I'm fine.

My issue was I'd get stuck saying my name, which then just escalated.
I'd get nervous, and the more nervous I got the more I stuttered, the more I stuttered, the more nervous I got.

I would end up feeling really uncomfortable, and because I've had all those feelings in the past, that is what I would focus on, and I'd let myself get really stressed out.

So avoidance for me became such a big thing.

I went for an interview once and I was just about to sign all the paperwork when I found out that I would have to introduce myself to the team, like the whole office on Monday morning, and because of that I decided not to take the job.

So I contacted Paul because I just couldn't carry on. I was worrying about an event where I had to speak up and say my name that wasn't going to be happening for six months, eight months or even a year, and life's just too short to be worrying about things that haven't happened yet.

So hypnotherapy with Paul has changed my life.

As a result I had this presentation recently and actually felt confident standing up and saying my name.

I did still feel a little bit nervous the night before, but I think everybody feels that, it's just one of those things, even if you're the best speaker in the world.

But I didn't feel the normal panic, I didn't feel the “oh my god I'm going to be sick”, I didn't feel I couldn't sleep the night before. I actually thought: “Oo, I get to stand up in front of everybody and let them know my name. This is actually exciting, people are going to get to know who I am”, and as soon as I did it, I was absolutely fine.

So I would say: don't be afraid to try something new, as far as I'm concerned it's changed my life, and I highly recommend people trying this and giving it a go.”

Emily Nye


"I’d always thought I’d be able to stop smoking on my own. But whenever I tried to give up, I just started again. It was about then when I realized I had no will power.

But then a friend of mine suggested hypnotherapy and I decided to explore that option. I was having a look on the internet, just doing a general search, and you were quite close by to where I live. I liked the layout of your website, and how it was all detailed, and so I gave you a call to pursue it further.

I had no expectations of what it was really going to entail, what the object was. But you made me feel at ease straight away, and I just felt very comfortable, and reassured.
You explained everything, there was no pressure to do anything that I didn’t want to do, I knew every step that we were going towards, what it was going to entail, and I felt very good about the whole session.

Once you left I felt really positive, and I felt really good, and the main benefit is that I stopped smoking and with no temptation at all, I didn’t even think about it. It’s given me a little bit of a confidence boost knowing that I can do it, I feel more positive, and I’ve noticed that there’s been more of a spring in my step so to speak.

So yes, I’d absolutely recommend you. I’ve got a friend at the weekend she was asking me loads of questions about it, and I said I’ve got the number if you want to go down that road. I’m definitely spreading the word.
So thank you. It’s brilliant, I still can’t quite get over the fact that I used to stand outside in the rain, and now I’m here, and it’s a whole different me. It’s good.

Thank you so much again Paul. I appreciate it. Thank you."

Natasha Recknell


"I went to see Paul the day before my driving test. I was feeling so nervous I was worried that I would mess up as would be too jittery.
Paul was great, he worked his magic on me and after the session I felt really positive and completely calm about the test. Any nerves I had just helped to sharpen me up and I was able to keep my cool.
I am delighted to say I passed my Driving test and I am so happy. Freedom at Last! Thanks Paul, I am amazed at how your trance work managed to turn me from a jittery mess into a calm and collected, positive happy driver.

You're the best!"

Samantha J


“I had a problem with blushing. I'd go red at inappropriate times which would then cause me to feel inferior and stupid.

So let's say in a staff meeting, even before someone directs their attention to me, it's like my heart would go like the clappers, I'd think oh god, oh god, what if they talk to me, what if they say my name? Oh god they're all looking at me, they've mentioned my name. Oh no I'm going red.

And that is what it was like. It was an automatic response. I'd get into a complete panic.

Silly things would cause me to blush: People higher up talking to me across a room, or if I had two people looking at me and another person talking to me. People asking me questions in meetings, if my name got mentioned or if someone I sat next to was speaking and people were looking in my direction.

So I'd had enough really. I got to the point where it was interfering with my work life.

So I spoke to my boyfriend. He told me about you, that you were a down to earth guy and easy to talk to, so I booked a session.

Even the first time that I met you, you were very easy to talk to. Normally I don't talk to people without blushing because I feel a bit stupid, but with you it was very easy, I didn't feel judged, I didn't feel like I was stupid at all.

Since then, in the last few weeks it's like something completely new has happened. I don't know where it's come from, but I've noticed when I'm in a situation where I would have thought “Oh god I'm going to go red”, something in my brain kicks in, it's like I'm aware of what I'm thinking, I tell myself to take a deep breath, that I'm ok and I can change it.

It's like yesterday I had a staff meeting with a group of other people, and when I got in there, the lady said to me, oh you can do this and I just relaxed. I didn't go into panic mode. I didn't go red at all, not one little bit.

It's really strange, and it's literally happened in the last few weeks. I'm aware of what I'm thinking. I'm relaxed.

It's a great feeling.

So I'd like to thank you. Thank you very much, it's been a great help.”



"I had been suffering with anxiety and panic attacks, and was finding it hard to go to work and function normally. My dad said he thought there was an underlying problem because I’d had been similar thoughts and problems throughout my adult life, and I just know for me that there was something deeper going on.

But then I kept thinking, oh, you know I’ve got children and they’ll need something, or I’ll need to spend the money on something else. I don’t know if it’s mothers or what, but I just kept thinking I can’t invest that in myself, but actually of course, if I’m not happy then that’s not good for my kids anyway, so finally it all came to a head and I realised that I had to invest in myself, to get a better quality of life for my children.

After the session I felt like I’d unlocked a secret and there was a sense of freedom and understanding. I think when you understand something it becomes less frightening. It’s like being frightened of something in the cupboard, and then when you open the cupboard, actually the thing you were frightened of was not as bad as you thought, you can cope with it and handle it, and it makes things easier.

Nowadays I feel very positive pretty much all of the time. People can’t believe it, they’re like wow.

I always felt frightened before, like something bad was going to happen, but I just don’t feel like that anymore, I feel like I can handle just about everything. If I do lose a friendship or relationship or something it’s not the end of the world, because life goes on and there’s lots of positive things in life.

So thank you."

Iasha Moore


“When I came to see Paul I felt quite desperate. Years of life's events had taken its toll and I just felt I'd reached a point where I couldn't cope anymore.

I had relationship problems with my daughter and my partner. I think things had been going wrong for years, but lack of confidence and constantly beating myself up has had a huge effect on me.

It was like I didn't feel worthy of being able to go out there and get what I want. I felt I didn't deserve to be happy or to have success.

I'd had several occasions with Pete that had not been good. Silly things he did had triggered a response in me that I didn't recognise as me, I'd become very angry, and have outbursts of shouting, but I was convinced that it wasn't him that was making me unhappy, it was me.

But underneath it all there was this huge lack of confidence as well as a lot of paranoia that everybody was talking about me, and not in a nice way. I thought nobody liked me, especially Pete's friends.

So I went to see a counsellor, and she helped me off load quite a bit, which helped a lot, but then after a while I felt I wasn't really resolving my issues as I still had this paranoia around me.

I felt scared of everything and really self conscious and I didn't have the ability to just go out there and try and do something different.

I wanted to be the person that I know I am deep inside, but instead I seemed to be this person who had no confidence, really scared of everything, paranoid about what anyone thought of her. It was becoming a big problem.

So then I thought I would try something different. I found your website, liked the idea of a trial session, so I thought I'd get in contact with you.

I felt different from the very first session. I couldn't quite pinpoint how, but I felt different, and after the first session I was able to sit down with Pete and talk to him in a more rational tone and manner and explain what he had done. He seemed to understand where I was coming from, and he was able to respond without me getting upset, probably for the first time in three years to be honest, so I was really pleased.

After the second time I just felt really happy, calm, comfortable, and then after our last session, it all just seemed to make sense, I understood why I got angry, what was making me angry.

You also helped me to understand that I don't need to carry that around with me. I can step outside of it and move away from it.

I think it's also taught me not to be afraid to ask questions, and sit down and say look I'm not very happy at the moment, let's talk.

Which is totally different, I used to bottle things up completely, and I think this is probably another reason why I was coming out with these outbursts of temper.

But after the sessions I just feel so much more in control of me. I think that's how I would sum it up. I feel in control of what I'm doing and what I want to do.

I just wish I'd done this a long time ago and I would certainly recommend you.”

Jane Moore


“I wanted to give up smoking because it had taken over my life and I was worried about my health, and the fact that I’m moving house and starting a new life, I thought it was a good opportunity to stop making excuses and do it once and for all.

So I looked on the internet, and spoke with someone else and then another lady who was local and then I spoke to you. I liked the fact that you were local, and I kind of trusted you when I talked to you. You explained everything well and you were quite calming on the phone, plus I wanted to get it done and you were kind enough to see my quite quickly.

During the session I was a little bit apprehensive, but you did exactly what you said you would do. You were very good at finding out more about me and explaining everything. You didn’t rush it.

It was a completely new experience, and you made me feel relaxed and quite calm and sort of methodical in my thoughts. It made me stop and slow down I think.

Not only did you fix my problem, you trained my subconscious to not smoke anymore, and to re-educate me.

The truth is, I could have gone on with smoking forever, but now I don’t smoke. I haven’t even given it a second thought.

At the end of the day you did the job that you set out to do. You were very calming and professional and I trusted you. I was very comfortable.

So thanks very much Paul, I really appreciate that. Take care.”

Nicola Hansen


"I had a bit of a problem with eating chocolate bars. I’d see a vending machine and just couldn’t stop myself, and probably through a mix of embarrassment, and a feeling that someone else probably wouldn’t be able to help me do something about it, I kept it a secret for years.

After a while I decided to try and get some help. I looked at a couple of websites, and just went with my gut feeling. I don’t want to big you up too much, but I saw your picture, and I thought you looked like a friendly guy. I felt that it was right. You’ve got a friendly face.

Straight away you put me at ease and made me feel that there shouldn’t be any embarrassment attached to that sort of thing.
What I liked the most is that it actually didn’t feel like a lot of effort. It was like all the hard work had already been done, if that makes sense.

After our session, it was a complete success. I just don’t have that urge anymore. It’s not there. And I’m completely free of it now. What I like the most is just having some control back in my life.

So I would absolutely recommend you because it worked for me and I think it could work for other people too."

Lynden Cas


"I came to Paul asking him to help me overcome my phobia of rollercoasters. I'd never wanted to try to get over this fear previously but since having a child I wanted to be able to do as much as possible with my lovely little boy. Paul immediately made me feel relaxed and comfortable and he really listened to everything I had to say in order to get to the crux of the situation. He spoke with me for about an hour and we chatted about my phobia and also about other times in my life where I had felt very scared. For most of that time I didn't even realise that he was already re-programming me. All I knew at the end of our session was that when I imagined going on a rollercoaster, I felt calm and happy rather than terrified and tearful. This was a first! Paul is an exceptional hypnotherapist, he is inspirational and motivational and challenges you to realise your full potential in areas of your life which previously posed as a problem. I was absolutely amazed at how quickly I overcame my issues and I cannot recommend Paul enough to anyone who is looking to overcome obstacles in their life. Thank you Paul for everything you have done for me, and I'm now able to say 'yes' when my little boy asks me to go on a ride with him!

p.s the picture shows me having the time of my life on my first big rollercoaster....AMAZING!"

Mandy and Husband Enjoying a Rollercoaster Ride

Mandy D'Angio


"So before I called you things were awful. Really bad, I just couldn’t control what I was eating. I’d eat whenever I get stressed. I just couldn’t control it at all.

I’d eat everything. Mainly crisps, chocolate, cakes, biscuits, all sorts of stuff and I put on nearly five stone in three years.

So I looked on the Internet, I liked what I saw on your website and when I spoke to you on the phone you sounded a genuine sort of guy.

We met up and ever since I had hypnotherapy things have been brilliant, I haven’t even thought about eating snacks...

To be fare, I’ve been quite relaxed as well. I used to get stiff muscles constantly, and now things just seem really relaxed. I’m just really chilled out.

So I’m literally sticking to what I should be eating in a day, which is breakfast, I probably miss lunch and then just eat an evening meal, and I don’t have anything in between.

Even the guys that work with me keep mentioning about going and getting cakes just to see whether it worked properly or not. But just thinking about it, I don’t want it.

We had people round last night and there were crisps and god knows what else out and it didn’t bother me what so ever. Even my daughter said: I bet Dad couldn’t resist all this food and stuff out last night. But my Sister turned round and said he didn’t touch any of it. They had all my favourite things there. I didn’t touch any of it. Nothing. I wasn’t even compelled to touch any of it.

So I think It’s brilliant, I’m well chuffed and I’d recommend you to anybody."

Alan Flitcroft


"I am absolutely amazed at the results I got from seeing Paul. I was suffering with dreadful pregnancy insomnia for months and was working myself up into a dreadful state. I was so tired and exhausted but unable to sleep each night. I was so worried about the effects it would be having on my baby which was making me feel even worse.
I had been to see several people previously but with no success, I very nearly gave up and just thought I would have to stay tired for the whole pregnancy. Luckily I found Paul, after just one session with him, he showed me some really helpful techniques that have completely transformed how I feel. I am so calm now and feel so at peace with myself. I am so happy as this new sense of well being must be having a great effect on my baby too. I am now sleeping so much better and am so grateful to be feeing human again. Thank you Paul, I had almost given up on anything working.

I will definitely be recommending you to my friends and family."

Mrs S Aldworth.


"I approached Paul for a number of different reasons, but mainly because I felt I had no control over my own life.

My Biggest issue was I felt like I could not move forward with my life because I always put things off. I felt like I had a massive blockage in many areas of my life and although I had great ideas in how to succeed and I was full of motivation at the time I always seemed to stop mid flow and put everything off until another day. This was starting to affect all areas of my life including my relationship with my girlfriend. It was becoming unmanageable.

After just one session with Paul he helped me see things in a completely different way. He brought me from a place of fear and procrastination to a place of being able to do the things I had always put off. The fear has now gone and I feel completely invigorated. I feel I have so many more opportunities and I know it sounds cliché, but I am now finally the master of my own destiny."


Hypnotherapist Paul Jerome providing Hypnotherapy in Reading Berkshire

Paul Jerome
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