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Do you lack confidence?

How a Hypnotherapist Creates Confidence and Self-Esteem:

Self-confidence is a 'core' psychological attribute - More empowering than any other element of our makeup. Having confidence provides you with the ability to engage and operate effectively in the world.

It's when our confidence is at a low ebb that our sense of: 'I can do it' becomes restricted - sometimes the thought of meeting someone, an evening with some friends, or even leaving the house appears beyond our abilities.

Confidence isn't just another 'new-age' - 'feel-good' idea. Psychologists and other experts agree that confidence: the sense of "self-effectiveness," is an absolute necessity for positive mental health and social success.

Hypnotherapy provides one of the most effective treatments for low confidence and self-esteem

Many people who suffer from poor confidence and self-esteem have a poor self-image, and some people lack a self-image entirely.

Hypnotherapy works by helping build a strong positive self-image. People with a strong positive self-image tend to have greater self-confidence and self-esteem.

Building self-confidence changes everything...

As well as a positive self image, people with confidence have memories and perceptions that serve to support their actions - that is, they remember the times when they've been successful, and they perceive the things that will support them.

On the other hand, people lacking confidence tend to have memories and perceptions that provide doubt about their ability to achieve their goals.

One of the more interesting aspects of human psychology; is the observation that by changing a person's self-image, many people find that the types of memories and perceptions that are automatically recalled also transform to fit in with their revised self-image.

So people automatically generate the thoughts, emotions and behaviours that fit-in with their self-image.

Therefore change the self image and everything changes...

Hypnotherapy & Confidence - just how are they are connected?

Virtually everyone is capable of changing their behaviour to some degree, given the right support and enough time.

The problem is; many people sabotage their efforts with negative thoughts and emotions.

So it takes longer to make desired changes.

One of the great things about hypnotherapy; is its accelerated ability to help people change.

Hypnotherapy works by enabling people; whilst in a relaxed state of mind; to focus completely on the task at hand, filling the mind with compelling suggestions for feeling confident, being in control, and being effective.

There are no interrupting thoughts and emotions to sabotage your efforts, so the lesson to be learnt has a greater impact.

Clients learn how to keep confidence and success at the forefront of their minds, while discovering how to think about failure and low confidence as just useful learning experiences.

In the hypnotic trance state, clients enact the situations where they wish to have more confidence - and through this practice, create a sense of self-mastery which shapes their performance in real life.

Take action to build self-confidence now!

It's vitally important to realize you need to take deliberate action to build your confidence - especially if your confidence has taken a knock.

Hypnotherapy provides one of the most effective treatments for building empowering levels of confidence.

I know because I've seen it work so many times...

In just a couple of sessions, people find their confidence levels begin to soar, and most gain maximum benefit after just three to six sessions.

It's simply amazing the difference confidence can make to a person's entire outlook.

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"The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives."
- William James