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Do you get anxious speaking to groups of people?

How Hypnotherapy Can Cure Your Public Speaking Anxiety:

Whilst making a speech in public can cause a level of nervousness in many people, for some people, public speaking anxiety is so disabling it has a catastrophic affect on their professional life.

Everyday symptoms of public speaking anxiety include:

  • Severe apprehension prior to speaking
  • Sweating
  • Blushing
  • Stammering and stuttering over words
  • Dizziness and feeling faint
  • Irregular breathing patterns
  • Disorientation or hyperventilation
  • Increasing heart rate
  • Loss of words or inability to speak
  • Dry mouth 
  • Fidgeting
  • Shivers or uncontrollable shaking

Public speaking anxiety frequently starts with an anticipation of speaking plus a concern something is going to go wrong. This could be caused by a fear of being humiliated or looking foolish, or possibly a fear of being labelled as inadequate.

Fear of speaking in public is so serious because of the missed opportunities. You might avoid jobs and interviews. You could miss out on a promotion or the opportunity to oversee projects. For a student, it could cause a shunning of certain classes that may require making presentations or to stand up in front of the class and to read out aloud.

Public speaking is not just restricted to the workplace. Some may struggle asking for advice from shop assistants, or taking directions from someone in the street. The extreme self-consciousness that sometimes accompanies asking questions can force some people to withdraw and then shy away from uncomfortable social situations. This can also have a serious impact on potential relationships.

So whilst many sufferers may be thought of as shy and introverted people, public speaking anxiety also impacts those who, in all other areas of life, are confident and extroverted. Those that Sufferer public speaking anxiety often experience great levels of psychological and emotional suffering; affecting their confidence & self esteem.

Steps taken for controlling public speaking anxiety:

Handling public speaking anxiety is oftentimes a continuous struggle. You could be fantastically prepared for making a presentation and attempt to justify the need to remain calm and confident, however the more you focus on that, the more apprehensive, nervous and anxious you become.

Many people take medicines to help manage the anxious feelings. Other people use relaxation and self-hypnosis recordings to encourage their self-confidence. Unfortunately, since these methods don't cure what's actually causing the problem, your public speaking anxiety remains to become an endless, tiresome battle.

Hypnosis for public speaking anxiety - 
how does it work?

You might have heard about hypnosis through the media, perhaps found out about friends or celebrities who have used hypnosis to lose weight or stop smoking.

What you may not know; is there are quite a few hypnotic approaches that simply treat the symptoms of the problem and aim to 'restrict' or 'suppress' or 'manage' the symptoms.

However if you just try to override the unconscious mind's instinctive way of behaving, often the 'change' will eventually break down and the old patterns will emerge once more.

So how can hypnotherapy heal my public speaking anxiety for good?

Ericksonian hypnotherapy is a gentle, reasonable and effective method which works WITH the unconscious mind, not against it. It is essential first to find out the reason 'WHY' you suffer from public speaking anxiety.

It's almost impossible to battle against your unconscious mind, which is the reason why telling yourself to stay calm and confident, or indeed using pills or perhaps suggestion based hypnotherapy will only help for a short time.

For many individuals, public speaking is completely natural and easy; just like blinking or perhaps breathing. It's the fact that public speaking is not effortless or natural for you, that begs the question Why?

Ericksonian hypnotherapy identifies the reason why the unconscious mind 'needs' you to have your public speaking anxiety. After the unconscious need is identified, we can re-examine the misguided information that underlies the anxiety. So long as the false information exists, so will the anxiety. Once the unconscious mind believes that to talk calmly, rationally and with confidence is in your best interests, it will actively discard your anxiety FOREVER.

If there's no longer a cause, then there can be no longer an effect.

How Does Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Work?

Hypnosis is simply a state of deep relaxation, which we naturally enter into every day. It's like day-dreaming, where you forget your outer experience for a while and pay more attention to your inner world. The day-dreaming state enables the unconscious mind to be even more receptive. Every hypnotherapist utilises this state, however it's the way that it's used that's so different.

An Ericksonian hypnotherapist uses hypnosis not to suppress, but to enable. We treat the issue at the root cause so it can't return. The most effective method for curing public speaking anxiety and disposing of your symptoms entirely and for good; is to resolve what’s causing it. If there's no cause, there can't be an effect.

So why do you have public speaking anxiety? Maybe you've thought about this before; searched for reasons, causes behind it. Maybe you know why; could be your mum, your sister, or another family member's suffered with anxiety and nervousness too.

Or perhaps it was set off by a disturbing event or maybe you were humiliated or embarrassed. But knowing this doesn’t cause the problem to go away, and many other people who have been in similar positions don't suffer from this problem, so why do you? What made you respond differently?

Or perhaps you can’t recall any of the reasons to explain what happens. But that doesn’t mean there isn't a cause, because for anything to exist it needs to have been made. It has to come from someplace. So there has got to be something which is causing your experience of public speaking anxiety - something energising your anxiety. It's something that's stopping you from talking yourself out of your symptoms.

With Ericksonian hypnotherapy, you can discover freedom from public speaking anxiety. Ericksonian hypnotherapy stands out from every other form of hypnotherapy primarily because of its wholistic approach to the functioning of the complete person. The hypnotherapist approaches the person without any theories or preconceived notions – except for one: that is, the solution to your symptoms dwells within your own unconscious mind.

With Ericksonian hypnotherapy there really is no need to curb or handle your public speaking anxiety. By correcting and resolving the root cause, the anxiety can be discarded naturally and entirely without any effort, whilst every related symptom automatically fades away, until your public speaking anxiety becomes nothing but an obscure and distant memory.

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Hypnotherapist Paul Jerome providing Hypnotherapy in Reading Berkshire

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