Hypnotherapist Paul Jerome provides Hypnotherapy in Reading Berkshire

Do you have problems loosing weight and keeping it off?

At last, a Weight Loss Solution that Could Actually Work:*

It's been demonstrated time and again that losing fat and reaching a healthy body weight is one of the most difficult things for people to do on their own.

The problem is: people get pleasure from eating, so it can be difficult to stop.

Hypnosis makes weight loss a lot easier...

Hypnosis Put Simply:

Here's how hypnosis works. Ideas and thought patterns for a healthy lifestyle are powerfully communicated to your unconscious mind whilst you are deeply relaxed. Within hypnosis, people are far more open to suggestion than in our "normal state of consciousness".

Or think of it a different way:

  • Is it simpler to change something while your body is tense, stressed and nervous...  
  • or when you are relaxed, calm and centred?
  • Is it simpler to learn something new when your mind is hectic, overactive, jumping from one thought to another...
  • or is it easier when you are calm and comfortable.

Hypnotherapy just magnifies this natural process.

The One Question You Should Ask Yourself ... If You Truly Care About Improving Your Life:

There's one question you should ask yourself if you would like to lose lots of excess fat and get slim and attractive. You actually already know what to do to if you want to lose weight, don't you?

You already know what foods to eat. You already know when and just how much to eat. The real problem isn't what you already know - it's the desire within you that gets you to do something else.

As an example, you already know you shouldn't really be eating a snack bar but the voice inside tempts you into thinking: "one little snack bar isn't really going to hurt."

That behaviour is simply not helping you lose weight.

Imagine if you could easily apply all the eating behaviours you currently know about and automatically make them a part of your life - without having any inner conflict?

How about if all of your bad eating habits were changed and you could easily began eating the right food, at the right time, and in the right proportions? And you enjoyed it as much as any snack bar you've ever had.

Wouldn't that make losing weight a lot easier?

Here's the Scientific Proof:

As confirmed by recent studies posted in medical journals, hypnotherapy has been proven to be an effective tool for weight-loss for many people.

For example: In research described in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, people who finished a weight management program that included hypnotherapy lost considerably more weight than people whose treatment program did not include hypnotherapy*.

The Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology described a study of 60 women that were at least 20% over-weight. The women who took part in hypnotherapy lost on average 17 pounds whilst the control group lost only half a pound. Hypnotherapy was proven to be seventeen times more effective*.

So it's clear from the scientific evidence that hypnotherapy is one of the most effective treatments for people wanting to lose weight*.

What the Press Say:

Allure Magazine: "Studies show that people who combine diet and exercise with hypnosis lose more weight than they do with diet and exercise alone."

Newsweek: "the simplest way to break habits is through hypnosis."

Oprah: "Hypnosis can actually help you lose weight.."

Cosmopolitan: "The country is turning to hypnosis to lose weight."

Woman's Day: "Successful weight loss depends as much on the mind as the body"


It Seems Like Magic

The program I've created takes hypnotherapy to the next level. To a level where positive improvements can naturally and easily occur in your life.

The majority of of my clients report amazing behavioural changes after their very first session. I often hear words like "so simple" and "effortless" from my clients.

Plus when you naturally change the behaviours which got you over-weight, everybody is going to want to know just how you did it.

Here's what you're going to discover in this program:

The mindset of easy to achieve weight-loss... Simple strategies that can program your unconscious mind for massive success... Carry out this "key thought training formula" and most people begin eating appropriately with no effort-

Imagine that... no more "willpower" needed! (These are the exact same techniques that Olympic athletes pay sports psychologists hundreds of pounds an hour to learn.)

The best method for losing weight once and for all. It's a fact - most people who go on traditional diets gain all that weight back and oftentimes end up heavier than when they first started. Right now you can discover how to join the successful people that lose all that weight forever.

How to breakthrough any weight-loss plateau - even when you've been the same weight for years! Effective fool-proof techniques that work every time.

Techniques that can instantly enhance your energy levels to greater than you ever imagined possible! (you'll almost definately notice a big difference the very first day)

The reason why some people always gain back the weight they've lost and the best way to lose it for good.


The unconscious reason why the majority of people sabotage their results... just when their diet programs are starting to work. And what to do to make sure this never happens to you!


Here's what our client's have said*

"I had a bit of a problem with eating chocolate bars. I’d see a vending machine and just couldn’t stop myself, and probably through a mix of embarrassment, and a feeling that someone else probably wouldn’t be able to help me do something about it, I kept it a secret for years.

After a while I decided to try and get some help. I looked at a couple of websites, and just went with my gut feeling. I don’t want to big you up too much, but I saw your picture, and I thought you looked like a friendly guy. I felt that it was right. You’ve got a friendly face.

Straight away you put me at ease and made me feel that there shouldn’t be any embarrassment attached to that sort of thing.
What I liked the most is that it actually didn’t feel like a lot of effort. It was like all the hard work had already been done, if that makes sense.

After our session, it was a complete success. I just don’t have that urge anymore. It’s not there. And I’m completely free of it now. What I like the most is just having some control back in my life.

So I would absolutely recommend you because it worked for me and I think it could work for other people too."

Lynden Cas


"So before I called you things were awful. Really bad, I just couldn’t control what I was eating. I’d eat whenever I get stressed. I just couldn’t control it at all.

I’d eat everything. Mainly crisps, chocolate, cakes, biscuits, all sorts of stuff and I put on nearly five stone in three years.

So I looked on the Internet, I liked what I saw on your website and when I spoke to you on the phone you sounded a genuine sort of guy.

We met up and ever since I had hypnotherapy things have been brilliant, I haven’t even thought about eating snacks...

To be fare, I’ve been quite relaxed as well. I used to get stiff muscles constantly, and now things just seem really relaxed. I’m just really chilled out.

So I’m literally sticking to what I should be eating in a day, which is breakfast, I probably miss lunch and then just eat an evening meal, and I don’t have anything in between.

Even the guys that work with me keep mentioning about going and getting cakes just to see whether it worked properly or not. But just thinking about it, I don’t want it.

We had people round last night and there were crisps and god knows what else out and it didn’t bother me what so ever. Even my daughter said: I bet Dad couldn’t resist all this food and stuff out last night. But my Sister turned round and said he didn’t touch any of it. They had all my favourite things there. I didn’t touch any of it. Nothing. I wasn’t even compelled to touch any of it.

So I think It’s brilliant, I’m well chuffed and I’d recommend you to anybody."

Alan Flitcroft

Ok, so what's the catch?

The catch is very simple. When you sign-up for our program, you are going to discover results very quickly. In fact, most likely the first week. What's more, your friends, neighbours, family members and fellow workers are going to see the changes and start asking you what's your secret.

And when they ask you how you lost all that weight, we want you to tell them about One.2.3 Hypnotherapy. That's the catch.

So pick up the phone and call me today at my Reading office on (0118) 9018 749 Tell me you want to join the program and I will get you started right away.

This program really does work. Call me now to get started!

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Hypnotherapist Paul Jerome providing Hypnotherapy in Reading Berkshire

Paul Jerome
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*Hypnosis can be an effective tool for making deep personal changes; however since each person is different, results will be unique for each person. Discover how easily you can be hypnotised - Click on the play button below and find out for yourself...

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"The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives."
- William James